¿Quien Soy, Yo Mismo?

Thinking about beginning performance work is completely anxiety wracking. There is a reason it is unusual for performers to also be set designers. It requires working in too many modes simultaneously, that I am having a hard time finding the mental time to deal with my performance issues.

Last night I promised myself that I would just finish this field project and if I was completely miserable the entire time so be it. It would then be over and if I did good enough work, but hated it totally anyway, that would be OK too. I have to be hating something I guess, and hating the Pulse program is displacement to a foolish degree, hating my husband is dangerous, and hating my dogs and cats is absolutely unfair.

I just don’t know who is going to the MardiGras – the busker portraying Columbine, me behind a mask pretending, or Columbine herself.

[¿Quien Soy, Yo Mismo? = who am I (myself) ]

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