Are We Having Fun Yet?

I know you know me, even if you can’t seem to figure out my given name – just call me The Funny Girl. Of course I would have been one of the zaniest zanne in the 16th century in Florence, had not women been banned from commedia erudita by the Church and thusly from the bands of dell ‘arte players by custom. Perhaps I was there flitting by in the blink of an eye as some unnamed female zanne. (probably played by a young male player in training) Too bad circumstance never allowed the Funny Girl to shine in dell ‘arte’s earliest times. If I had been given a chance, my signature costume would have been a hodgepodge of bright colors, attempting to mimic high fashion, but somehow always falling far short of the couture of the day. I know I would have been as highly popular as Arlecchino and my cousin, Columbine. No matter.
Regardless if my face is missing from all of the commedia dell’arte known tradition, I am one of the essentials in comedy. Who would Papageno be without Papagena? Just your average fat boy tootling a Magic Flute, that’s who.

Oh Those Names

Some of our invitations are without names. We must find them immediately.

Abra – female form of Abraham; mother of many nations; Abrianna
Alcina -Greek: Feminine of Alcinous, a mythical character that helped Odysseus return home. Alcina is also the name of a mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the Orlando poems
Allegra -Latin, English: Joyous – (Alegra, Alegria, Allegria; Familiar forms: Allie)
Alessia – Greek: Defender of mankind; feminine form of Alexander – (Alexandra;Familiar forms: Aleka, Alex, Alexia, Alexis, Alix, Drina, Lexann, Lexi, Lexie, Lexina, Lexine, Sandra, Sandrine, Sasha, Shura, Xandra, Zandra, Zondra)
Antonia – Latin, Italian: Praiseworthy; feminine form of Anthony – (Italian) Antonella, Antonietta; Familiar forms: Nella, Toinette, Toini, Toni, Tony, Tonya)
Aria – Italian, Greek, English: Melody, generally referring to an elaborately done and beautiful song sung by a soloist in an opera; possible familiar form of Greek name Ariadne; (Teutonic) eagle, eagle’s wisdom; see Ara – (English) Ariette; Arietta
Beatrice – Latin, Italian: Bringer of joy

aha – here is one that just might do:
Caprice – Italian: Fanciful, whimsical; derived from the Italian word capriccio
Vivian – Latin, English: Full of life, lively; In Arthurian legend, Vivian was the Lady of the Lake and enchantress of Merlin.
( (Italian) Viviana; Familiar forms: Bibi, Vavay; or Vivetta

and how about her:
Marcella – Latin: Warring; feminine form of Marcellus, a name believed to have its root in Mars, the name of the mythological Roman god of war; also related to the name Mark

mmmmm …
Cyrilla – Greek, Latin: Lordly; feminine form of Cyril {
(Italian) Ciri; (Spanish) Ceri, Ceria; Cyrillia}

Clara – Latin, English, German: Clear, bright, from the Latin word clarus. See also Claire
(Latin) Clarine; (Greek) Clarrisa; (Italian) Chiara, Clariee; (Spanish) Clarisa, Clarita; Clarissa

well here they are:
Columbine – Italian: Dove; also a beautiful plant known for its unusually shaped flower and its medicinal properties

Isabel – Spanish: Devoted to God; (Italian) Isabella

well well now ..
Constance – Latin: Constancy, steadfastness
(Italian) Constantia, Constantina, Constanza
as compared with
Honora – Latin: Honor; feminine form of Honorius (Spanish) Honoratas; Honorata, Honoria, Honorina, Honorine, Honour, Onora

Donna – Italian, Latin: Lady, a respectful title and female equivalent of Don (Italian) Donella; Donetta; Donatella

Eleanor – Greek: Shining light; variant of Helen
(French) Eleonore; (Italian) Eleanora, Elenora, Elenore;
Lucy – Latin: Light; a vernacular form of Lucia, the feminine form of Lucius (Italian) Lucia, Lucianna, Lucilla

Faustine – Latin: Fortunate one; feminine form of Faust
(Italian) Fausta or Faustina

Frances – Latin: From France, free one; feminine form of Francis
(Italian) Francesca

Florence – Latin, English: Blooming, flourishing; Florence is often thought of in reference to a beautiful city in Italy that is considered a cultural art center. (Italian) Florentina, Florenza

Wilhelmina – German: Resolute protector; feminine variant of Wilhelm (Italian) Guillelmina, Gulielma

Lysandra – Greek: Liberator; feminine form of Lysander, and sometimes used as a variant of Alexandra
Lisandra, Lisanne, Lissandra

Nicole – Greek, French: Victorious; feminine form of Nicholas
(Italian) Colletta, Nicola

Oriana – Latin, Italian: Golden

Theodora – Greek: Gift of God; feminine form of Theodore
(Italian) Teodora; Theodosia

Valerie – Latin, French: Strong; derived from ancient Roman family name Valerius (Italian) Valeria; Balara, Balera, Balere, Valari, Valeraine, Valere, Valora
Valentina – Latin, Italian: Brave, strong; feminine form of Valentinus