Oh Those Names

Some of our invitations are without names. We must find them immediately.

Abra – female form of Abraham; mother of many nations; Abrianna
Alcina -Greek: Feminine of Alcinous, a mythical character that helped Odysseus return home. Alcina is also the name of a mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the Orlando poems
Allegra -Latin, English: Joyous – (Alegra, Alegria, Allegria; Familiar forms: Allie)
Alessia – Greek: Defender of mankind; feminine form of Alexander – (Alexandra;Familiar forms: Aleka, Alex, Alexia, Alexis, Alix, Drina, Lexann, Lexi, Lexie, Lexina, Lexine, Sandra, Sandrine, Sasha, Shura, Xandra, Zandra, Zondra)
Antonia – Latin, Italian: Praiseworthy; feminine form of Anthony – (Italian) Antonella, Antonietta; Familiar forms: Nella, Toinette, Toini, Toni, Tony, Tonya)
Aria – Italian, Greek, English: Melody, generally referring to an elaborately done and beautiful song sung by a soloist in an opera; possible familiar form of Greek name Ariadne; (Teutonic) eagle, eagle’s wisdom; see Ara – (English) Ariette; Arietta
Beatrice – Latin, Italian: Bringer of joy

aha – here is one that just might do:
Caprice – Italian: Fanciful, whimsical; derived from the Italian word capriccio
Vivian – Latin, English: Full of life, lively; In Arthurian legend, Vivian was the Lady of the Lake and enchantress of Merlin.
( (Italian) Viviana; Familiar forms: Bibi, Vavay; or Vivetta

and how about her:
Marcella – Latin: Warring; feminine form of Marcellus, a name believed to have its root in Mars, the name of the mythological Roman god of war; also related to the name Mark

mmmmm …
Cyrilla – Greek, Latin: Lordly; feminine form of Cyril {
(Italian) Ciri; (Spanish) Ceri, Ceria; Cyrillia}

Clara – Latin, English, German: Clear, bright, from the Latin word clarus. See also Claire
(Latin) Clarine; (Greek) Clarrisa; (Italian) Chiara, Clariee; (Spanish) Clarisa, Clarita; Clarissa

well here they are:
Columbine – Italian: Dove; also a beautiful plant known for its unusually shaped flower and its medicinal properties

Isabel – Spanish: Devoted to God; (Italian) Isabella

well well now ..
Constance – Latin: Constancy, steadfastness
(Italian) Constantia, Constantina, Constanza
as compared with
Honora – Latin: Honor; feminine form of Honorius (Spanish) Honoratas; Honorata, Honoria, Honorina, Honorine, Honour, Onora

Donna – Italian, Latin: Lady, a respectful title and female equivalent of Don (Italian) Donella; Donetta; Donatella

Eleanor – Greek: Shining light; variant of Helen
(French) Eleonore; (Italian) Eleanora, Elenora, Elenore;
Lucy – Latin: Light; a vernacular form of Lucia, the feminine form of Lucius (Italian) Lucia, Lucianna, Lucilla

Faustine – Latin: Fortunate one; feminine form of Faust
(Italian) Fausta or Faustina

Frances – Latin: From France, free one; feminine form of Francis
(Italian) Francesca

Florence – Latin, English: Blooming, flourishing; Florence is often thought of in reference to a beautiful city in Italy that is considered a cultural art center. (Italian) Florentina, Florenza

Wilhelmina – German: Resolute protector; feminine variant of Wilhelm (Italian) Guillelmina, Gulielma

Lysandra – Greek: Liberator; feminine form of Lysander, and sometimes used as a variant of Alexandra
Lisandra, Lisanne, Lissandra

Nicole – Greek, French: Victorious; feminine form of Nicholas
(Italian) Colletta, Nicola

Oriana – Latin, Italian: Golden

Theodora – Greek: Gift of God; feminine form of Theodore
(Italian) Teodora; Theodosia

Valerie – Latin, French: Strong; derived from ancient Roman family name Valerius (Italian) Valeria; Balara, Balera, Balere, Valari, Valeraine, Valere, Valora
Valentina – Latin, Italian: Brave, strong; feminine form of Valentinus

4 thoughts on “Oh Those Names”

  1. Valentina she is on my list, although few ever invite her.
    Let’s see …. Guillelmina is better suited than Theodosia … but it is such a mouthful. Florentina means flourishing … maybe

    Florentina it is . The best I think. Don’t you? And definitely Faustina don’t anyone dare forget her! But possibly confusion between the two – Florentina – Faustina … arrrgggh. Aha … Donatella a lady. perfect.

  2. such a lot to do. so little time.

    that just leaves is it Caprice, Vivetta, or Allegra?

  3. She is a lively laughing girl – una ragazza ridente vivace. The choice seems rather obvious don’t you think?

  4. Caprice describes her character to a T, but does it suit her as a name. I suppose we can always hold onto an alternative, ….
    The list for men has existed for hundreds of years. So I must prepare the list of dramatis personae for women and let all the other step forth from the shadows:
    Abrianna – the Matriarch
    Faustina – the Schemer
    Donatella – the Lady
    Isabella – the Inamorata
    Namee – the Courtesan
    Columbine – as Herself
    Franceschina – a Soubrette
    Elenora – the Innocent
    Constantia – the Friend
    Valentina – the Worker/Protector

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