They Are Everywhere …

and they have been here all along. Their names have survived … why not their stories ? We know them well and see them again and again.How about those three girls who were Friends living in NYC ?Columbine (Rachel), Constantia ( Monica ), and Vivetta ( Phoebe )Or those other four friends in Manhattan – Columbine ( Carrie), Fiorinetta ( Samantha ), Elenora ( Charlotte ), and Constantia ( Miranda )And Elenora has had a long career in film – as Sabrina, and a host of other Audrey Hepburn characters. Renee Zellweger seems to be Audrey’s successor to Elenora’s roles.And as soon as a part is conceived for Abrianna, the director calls Susan Sarandon first. Stepmom, that dancing movie, a host of her current roles.I was trying to think of Julia Robert’s roles and it seemed to me that she is like the female Clark Gable of current times – the character has a different name in every film but is still essentially the same girl. There wasn’t much difference between the best friend in My Best Friend’s Wedding or the Runaway Bride or when she was finally married and on the verge of splitting up in Something to Talk About.

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