Second Life Sites to Remember

This is where I will be archiving info about the SL sites I want to keep a note on. It will NOT be the page where I archive info on education in SL. That will be on the page – Second Life & Education – My Notes. This is where I can lookup my SL fave or interesting places when I’m not inworld.

Galveston Island – the sim of the real Galveston Island which is in a deep recovery effort from Hurricane Ike’s surge last year. This is my “home base”.
Tiki Bar LM: Galveston Island (220,231,2)
Balinese Room: LM: Galveston Island (220,231,2)

Roma – this is a serious role playing inworld universe. Visitors are dropped off at the pier, where there is some orientation material. Tourists are welcome, under the adviso that all are under the Emperor’s rule. Role players are organized into families, just like Imperial Rome. There are sims of many historic Roman places; however one must be a member of the group to access some of them.
LM: ROMA (SPQR) – The Original An, ROMA (209, 24, 22)

Rowallan Castle
This sim is a recreation of Rowallan Castle in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire which dates from 13th century. It has a Scottish ballroom where avatars can have a Scottish Waltz and snuggle (chastely) with a lover. Muircastle Village is the medieval town that surrounds the castle, with few shops and half-timbered cottage rentals are available.
LM: Muircastle VIllage & Rowallan Ca, Taernils Bluff (202, 105, 61)

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