Dramatic Protagonistas

These women are movers and shakers and have existed across cultures and through time.

Abrianna , the matriarch. Not necessarily just a woman with children. She is a dramatic powerful figure, the one with the determination to build family and society. She wields considerable influence inside and outside the home. Her motivation usually derives from the desire to protect and create stability.

Faustina , the schemer. She is similar in dramatic function to Brighella, but not a zanni. She usually is in circumstances of wealth and influence, and most often is seen as a climber. Her concern with social propriety is only because she wants to be seen by others as being definitely PLU. Don’t be fooled – she can be completely ruthless and abandon propriety like last year’s shoes.

Donatella , the lady. She is yin that all human culture needs to balance the yang influence of men. Without her society often becomes degraded overall. Her aristocracy is innate, springing from her core of decency, integrity and serenity. She is an active peacemaker, and will act to rectify wrongs without hesitation.

These are the women of dramatic influence that were not given life in the commedia dell ‘arte, to interact opposite their counterparts, the doctor, the captain and the merchant. They all can be mothers; having children is not a determinant of their character. In terms of 16th century society, they probably all were. It was the natural consequence of marriage, and even is now to a large degree.

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